HG-600 HAYGAIN Hay Steamer

HG-600 HAYGAIN Hay Steamer

Product no.: HG-600
Delivery weight: 47 kg

HAYGAIN hay steamers are a range of scientifically proven hay steamers that eliminate respirable dust in hay and haylage by killing mould spores and bacteria to produce hygienically clean forage. The HAYGAIN method uses the patented, proven manifold spike system designed to push steam into the centre of the hay and ensures all of the hay is steamed fully. This is located in a double-skinned, insulated container which is attached to a purpose-built steam generator. Available in three models: The HG2000, for large yards, HG600 ideal for 1-4 horses and HG-ONE designed for the one horse owner. Palatable steamed hay is ready to feed immediately after steaming cycles of around 50 minutes depending on the amount of hay. HG-600 HAYGAIN Hay Steamer Accommodates half a bale or equivalent in loose hay/nets. Features adjustable handle and wheels for easy movement HG-PB steam generator 2.9KW Steam cycle from cold approx 50 mins Dimensions: L x 720mm D x 690mm H x 700mm



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