Stubben Dressage Girth "Equi-Soft"+ padding

Stubben Dressage Girth "Equi-Soft"+ padding

Product no.: 10310871

Its ingenious and exclusive system of elastic rings offers perfect girth pressure distribution. Its special design allows the horse to expand its chest when needed during exercise. The elastic rings expand and contract with the rib cage, maintaining a uniform tension. A must for serious riders in any discipline. Black, ebony or tobacco 45cm - 140cm Available with a choice of three different paddings, soft Vachette leather, Lambskin or Elastotex which are easily changeable. *Important advice* To correctly use the Equi-Soft girth, the centre of the girth must be positioned symmetrically in the centre of the horses girth line. Never adjust only one side, the tension should be similar on both sides of the girth.

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Size 60cm

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