Stubben Freedom 2500 Bridle 20% off RRP old style

Stubben Freedom 2500 Bridle 20% off RRP old style

Product no.: Freedom 2500
R.R.P. £339.00

Old style Freedom bridle - 20% off RRP!

Special features of the Freedom Bridle

Full sight for the horse

Full freedom of movement for your horse’s ears.

No pressure on the neuralgic areas of the horse’s head (main facial nerve, muscles of the ears, neck and throat).

Sustains your horse’s natural joy in movement.


The Freedom bridle is Fn/FEI approved.


Sustains free and natural movement in the horse.

The special position of the headstall and the throat strap keeps the horse’s sensitive areas in the neck and throat free from pressure. The

Horse’s flight instinct will not be triggered.  Instead of causing discomfort and refusal, the horse can fully unfold its natural joy in movement.

Grants full sight field for your horse.

Often a horse’s sight is effected by the cheek pieces of a normal bridle. The innovative design of the cheeks on the Freedom bridle does not disrupt the sight of the horse in any way.

Freedom of movement for the horses ear.

Just like the horses eyes, the ears are highly important for the horse’s communication. Neither the headstall or the browband on the Freedom bridle crosses any of the horses 16 ear muscles. There is no pressure at all on these sensitive areas, hence the Freedom bridle gives full freedom and movement for the ears.

Reins not included.

Colours Ebony, Black or Tobacco

Also available with Strass browband (diamante browband)

Cob/Full & Extra Full

14 day trial available


Additional product information

Browband style Plain

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