Stubben Headstalls

Stubben Headstalls

Product no.: 56 1000
from £35.00

Stubben headstalls. Black, ebony or tobacco. 29mm standard wisth or 31mm broad 'Waterford' style.

Cheek pieces not included, please order seperately if required. Throat straps also not included on those styles that buckle on both sides.


Wexford - Standard 29mm width, unpadded, stamped with Stubben name and logo acrosss poll, silver fittings

Waterford - identical to the Wexford, but broad 31mm width.

Derry - Standard 29mm width, padded, loops for noseband above headstall, silver fittings.

Longford - Extra narrow 23mm width, unpadded, silver fittings.

Kildare - Padded and shaped, narrow 26mm width, anthracite semicircular buckles, white stitching, noseband and throat strap buckle both sides.

Antrim - Padded standard 29mm width with groove for noseband strap to fit into, anthracite coloured senocircular buckles, noseband and thrpat strap buckle on both sides.

Leitrim - Padded narrow 26mm width, silver fittings, noseband and throat strap buckle on both sides.

Imperial - Standard 29mm width, unpadded with Stubben name and logo stamped across the poll, brass buckles.


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