SupaStuds information

SupaStuds information

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Try one free now! Contact us with your preferred design (15 to choose from)  and we will post one out to you so you can see for yourself how easy they are to insert.

SupaStuds are the award-winning, patented British studs. A unique combination of design features makes them easier, faster and safer to use than any other stud on the market.

SupaStuds are used by many of the top event riders in the country and have become the studs of choice for thousands of competitors at every level across the board in equestrian sport, from driving to polo, showing to show-jumping.

They have a unique, self-cleaning design which enables them to be screwed into a shoe without previously using a tap to clear the thread in the stud hole. Once you have removed any large pieces of dirt from the hole, SupaStuds screw in easily and firmly all the way up to the base of the stud, so the stud can be locked in place against the shoe. Any dirt in the stud hole is forced into the slot in the thread as you screw in the stud, cleaning the hole as you go. SupaStuds also have a concave base which allows space for any dirt which remains after the stud is inserted, so there is no pressure on the horse's foot.

SupaStuds are manufactured by a British precision-engineering company using British steel, to ensure their quality and finish is consistent. They are subjected to a high-tech hardening process which makes the whole stud, not just the tip, stronger and more hard-wearing than tungsten! The road studs and travel studs undergo a special treatment to give them extra strength. The same high-tech hardening process gives SupaStuds their characteristic blue-black coating and renders them almost completely resistant to rust, thus prolonging their life.

NOTE: SupaStuds are not self-tapping studs, they do not ruin the thread in your stud holes! They are simply designed to clean the hole as they screw in, not to re-thread it.

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