Stubben Leather Girths

Stubben Leather Girths

Stubben Leather Girths
Stubben long, dressage and stud girths. 'Contours' anatomically shaped to allow free movement of the legs. 'De-Luxe' with soft Vachette leather, distinctive curved design. Various colours, stainless steel buckles, with or without elastic ends. *NEW - Stubben Equi-Soft girth.

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Stubben Equi-Soft Leather Girth Trial

Product no.: 103 10872


Stubben Long Leather Girth"Equi-Soft" + padding

Product no.: 10310871L

from £249.00

Girth pads for Stubben Equi-Soft girth

Product no.: 10310873


Leather Girth Contour with elastic ends

Product no.: 10210839

from £189.00

Leather Girth without elastic ends

Product no.: 10210835

from £94.00

Leather Girth-elastic one end

Product no.: 10210837

from £94.00

Leather Dressage Girth - no elastic ends

Product no.: 10210827

from £94.00

Leather Belly Guard Girth

Product no.: 51239

from £275.00

Stud Girth Contour

Product no.: 10210847

from £289.00

Stubben Equi-Soft Stud Girth + padding

Product no.: 103 10874


Stubben Equi-Soft Stud Girth Pad

Product no.: 103 10876


Stubben Leather Girth Overlay with elastic ends

Product no.: 102 10838