Stubben Bridles

Stubben Bridles

Stubben Bridles

Delicate, broad, hunter, rolled, split head, padded, soft Vachette leather. Add a Stubben bridle bag for just £19!

We are often able to mix and match reins, nosebands, browbands and sizes so please ask.

Please allow approx. 5 working days for delivery.

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Stubben Freedom Bridle Trial - Updated design

Product no.: Stubben Freedom Trial

14 day Trial of Stubben Freedom bridle £30

from £339.00

Stubben Padded Head Piece

Product no.: 55 1040

Slips onto a non-padded headstall to provide extra comfort.


Stubben Freedom 2500 bridle - updated design

Product no.: 21 2500 3

The popular Freedom comfort bridle in a new updated design.


Stubben Freedom 2510 Magic Tack Bridle

Product no.: 21 2510 3

New updated Freedom bridle design with Magic Tack curved browband


Stubben Switch Magic Tack 2810 2-in-1 bridle

Product no.: 21 2810 7

'Switch' 2810 Magic Tack 2-in-1 bridle


Stubben Magic Tack Bridle

Product no.: 21 2010

Stubben Magic Tack 2010 Bridle with interchangeable magnetic browband.

from £239.00

Stubben Switch 2800 2-in-1 bridle

Product no.: 21 2800 7

Stubben 'Switch' 2800 2-in-1 bridle


Stubben Leitrim 2300 Bridle

Product no.: Leitrim 2300 bridle

Prime quality full grain leather bridle with integrated throatlash and softly padded headstall. Currently our most popular bridle.

from £116.00

Stubben 1001 Waterford bridle

Product no.: 1001 Waterford

A broad classic bridle with silver coloured fittings,

from £126.00

Stubben Kildare Bridle

Product no.: Kildare 2007

Contemporary narrow cut bridle with padded and shaped headstall.

from £189.00

Stubben Antrim 2017 Bridle

Product no.: Antrim 2017 bridle

Fabulous bridle with both a flash and cavesson noseband with noseband headstall embedded into the headpiece. Easy to convert to a double bridle by adding a second headpiece.

from £209.00

Stubben Limerick 3000 Bridle

Product no.: Limerick 3000 bridle

Elegant and slender bridle with split headstall and throat lash, padded with soft Vachette leather, a best seller. Comes in Black, ebony and tobacco, with matching padding or contrasting padding. Silver coloured fittings.

from £110.00

Stubben Wicklow 3200 Bridle

Product no.: Wicklow 3200

Delicate bridle with linked chain browband.


Stubben Carlow 4000 Rolled Bridle

Product no.: Carlow 4000 bridle

Rolled bridle with split headstall.

from £182.00

Stubben Hunter 1002 Bridle

Product no.: Hunter 1002

Stubben Hunter Show bridle, simple, plain and chunky

from £139.00

Stubben Derry 1003 Bridle

Product no.: Derry 1003 bridle

Delicate bridle padded in soft Vachette leather with silver coloured fittings.

from £149.00

Stubben Wexford 1000 bridle

Product no.: 1000 Wexford

Stubben Wexford 1000 bridle is a narrow classic bridle with silver coloured fittings.

Headstall 29mm

Cheeks 16mm

Throat strap 13mm

from £110.00

Stubben Longford 1700 Bridle

Product no.: Longford 1700 bridle

Extra delicate smart bridle suitable for all disciplines.

from £133.00

Stubben Imperial 1191 Bridle

Product no.: 1191

Delicate bridle, brass coloured fittings. Padded browband and noseband, special Stubben buckle on cheeks

from £125.00

Stubben Tyrone 1200 Bridle

Product no.: Tyrone 1200

A  high quality bridle with synthetic precious stones. Browband with diamante and elegant cheek pieces set with a stone.


Stubben Passion 1800 Bridle

Product no.: Passion 1800 bridle

A high quality bridle with shaped noseband and headpiece to avoid pressure. Extra soft padding.

from £228.00

Stubben Dublin 3100 Bridle

Product no.: Dublin 3100 bridle

Delicate bridle with rolled plaited browband

from £149.00