HAYGAIN Hay Steamers Info

HAYGAIN Hay Steamers Info

HAYGAIN Hay Steamers

HAYGAIN's patented method is the only proven way to achieve even steaming every time. The unique manifold system deliverssteam  evenly into and throughout the hay, within a purpose built double insulated chest. The high temperature reached kills harmful moulds and fungal spores, bacteria, yeast and dust mites producing spore free, hygienically clean and palatable forage. HAYGAIN is proven to reduce symptoms in RAO horses.

Both the HG-600 and the HG-2000 have wheels so can be manoeuvred easily around the yard and have been designed to be easy to clean. The steam cycle produces a small amount of water which exits via a drain hole in the unit, if you wish to use indoors a small container placed under the drain hole is sufficient. A cycle typically takes around 40 - 50 minutes from cold. Subsequent steam cycles take 25 - 35 minutes. The forage produced is sweet-smelling and lightweight and is best fed up to 24 hrs after steaming.

HAYGAIN hay steamers are designed and manufactured in the UK and come with a 1 year guarantee.

HAYGAIN is scientifically proven to:

  • Kill harmful dust and mould spores in both hay and haylage
  • Improve the hygiene quality of hay without significant nutritional loss
  • Reduce water usage and produce less mess and waste in comparison to soaking
  • Increase the palatability of forage
  • Produce steamed hay that is more palatable than dry hay, soaked hay and haylage
  • Reduce symptoms in RAO horses
  • Reduce respirable particles in forage
  • Increase the shelf life of haylage
  • Reduce bacteria in haylage
  • Work in freezing temperatures





Suitable for the one-horse owner, the HG-One steams 8kg of hay in 50 minutes and has all the renowned features that make HAYGAIN the trusted brand it is, incorporating the Haygain unique patented manifold and spike system, steaming from the centre of the hay outwards out and includes a double skinned lid for thermal efficiency.   



Half-bale capacity or equivalent in loose hay/hay nets.
HG-PB steam generator 2.9 KW.
Steam cycle from cold approximately 40 minutes.Dimensions: L x 720mm   D x 690mm   H x 700mm





Most suitable for 4+ horses. Steams a standard strung bale of hay or up to 35kg of loose hay, haynets or haylage. 

HG-PB steam generator 2.9 KW.
Steam cycle from cold approximately 60-70 minutes.
Dimensions: L x 1435mm   D x 865mm   H x 730mm







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HAYGAIN HG-2000 Hay Steamer

Product no.: HG-2000